On October 18, the most successful show of the company’s repertoire is back on stage: The Seasons of Pallina will be represented at Teatro Ruggero Ruggeri, Piazza Garibaldi in Guastalla at 16h00.

Created and directed by Dario Moretti, performed by actress Elisa Carnelli ad Dario Moretti, the show is back on stage after almost 2000 performances around the world.

The show tells the simple story of a little ball, Pallina: by altering its colour, it changes in many things and characters.
From fish, Pallina turns into a flower, from flower to pooh, from pooh to an haycock… as far as it dissolves in the air and falls as snow on a broad white sweep.
And now, how can we find Pallina again?
All we have to do is to make a mark, a doodle, a gesture!
You can ski, roll, make snowballs … and why not? You can make a snowman, holding a white sign, where we can write: C I A O – B Y E

The Seasons of Pallina won the ETI-Stregagatto 2004 award as best show for children.