Teatro all’improvviso is back in France with its performance Petite Ballade for PEU, created and performed by Dario Moretti with musician Saya Namikawa.

After several european tours, the play is going to be performed at Théâtre de l’Agora – Scène Nationale d’Evry et de l’Essonne, Petite Salle, from December 1st to 3rd.

From December 4 to 7, the company will perform Scherzo with Three Hands in Bologna, Teatro Testoni. The play will be perormed also in Bagnolo Cremasco (CR), Cineoratorio di San Giovanni Bosco on Monday, December 12 at 20h30.

Afterwards, Teatro all’improvviso will be back in Mantova: from 19 to 21 December with Five Eggs in a Row at Teatro San Leonardo at 10h00, and then on Saturday, December 17 with Luna at Teatro Bibiena at 16h30. For further information, please contact our offices.