Teatro all’improvviso in collaboration with Major Nicola Sodano and Assessorato alle Politiche Culturali e Promozione Turistica of Comune di Mantova organizes a special week,in order to celebrate Santa Lucia day.
In the beautiful space of Madonna della Vittoria, Teatro all’improvviso will perform the show Blue Forest, from 11 to 14 of December in the morning for schools and o Thursday 13 December at 17h00 for families.

Among the ten sonorous trees installed on stage, the worlds of sounds, lights and aroused images will be revealed little by little. This journey starts off with the whisper of flute (the “shakuhachi”, traditional Japanese instrument of bamboo); then registered music of two pianos, composed by the lico (Elico Nishimoto), will enter and continue until the very end, where the magical moment occurs.
This performance is meant to deepen the listening ability of the audience. The sounds will be heard in its complete pureness, far from the crash and stimulus we are facing in our daily lives. Each tree would tell its own story through its own sounds.
Dealing with the senses of hearing and vision, this journey will lead the children to hear the silence and to pay attention to the world around them; meanwhile, it will help the adults reflect on their memories and past experiences and evoke their forgotten emotions.
The show, created and directed by Dario Moretti, is performed by musicians Saya Namikawa and Paola Herbertson.

The ticket price is € 6,00. Reservation is recommended.
For information and booking, please call Teatro all’improvviso at the number 0376 221705.