PEU is a tiny human being who is going to start his life, safely guarded in the warm and sweet womb of his mother. In every moment of his early existence, PEU becomes conscious of himself, of his growing-up, of the place that protects him, and of the world around him.
His home is a warm soft sac. It is dark but comfortable, and it lets this little human being sense the presence of sounds and living creatures: he can hear the tum-tum, the heart beat of his mother, even when there are other harsher or roaring sounds.
The most familiar sounds are the happy voices of the birds, whose language PEU perfectly understands: the friendly birds chatter about the wonderful world outside the belly, which is becoming narrower and tighter…
They tell of the sun, the sea, of smells and flavors. PEU doesn’t understand all of them yet, but he already likes it.
Above all, the birds tell of a mummy and a daddy, who are longing to be with him.
And so, PEU is finally ready to be born and come into this world, that is surprisingly bright and lively, full of voices and smiles.

Mafra Gagliardi’s refined writing and Dario Moretti’s illustrations create a thoughtful and poetic tale about birth and life, told through the point of view of a Little Human Being coming into the world.

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