On September 9 to 13, Teatro all’improvviso will be at Festivaletteratura with the show Luna, by and with Dario Moretti.

Luna is a very special teacher, who devotes herself and her soul entirely to her children. Luna is a hymn to beauty, pureness, love and joie de vivre. Through her own body, she creates a perceptible relationship with the world, showing children how to find themselves in a spontaneous way.

The performance, for an audience from 5 years old, will be at Teatrino di Santa Maria della Carità, via Corridoni in Mantova – venue 4 on the map of Festivaletteratura:

Wednesday 9/09 – 16h30
Thursday 10/09 – 09h30, 11h00
Friday 11/09 – 15h00, 16h30
Saturday 12/09 – 09h30
Sunday 13/09 – 15h00, 16h30

For information and tickets, you can see the website of Festivaletteratura.

The company will present also the new book Luna, written and illustrated by Dario Moretti and published by Corraini Edizioni, on sale during the festival.
Many other books by Dario Moretti will be available during Festivaletteratura: Scherzo and Jeu, the kamishibai-book Blue Forest, written with Jeffrey Tan, PEU, byMafra Gagliardi, all published by Kuma Edizioni.