On March, the 4th at 10h30, the show created and performed by Dario Moretti with harpist Alice Caradente will be on stage at the Teatro Alighieri in Ravenna.

Happiness of a Star talks about childhood and children, through their hands, voices, expressions and feelings.
The show is a dance of paint-brushes and pencils gliding on paper.
In the middle of the stage, Dario Moretti is sitting at a big table, full of sheets, colours and brushes: he paints under the public’s eyes, and the images of his drawing are projected live on a screen behind him.
The audience attends to a “concert of images”, that are sometimes sketched, or they constantly changes their shapes and meanings, brushstroke after brushstroke,
They tell little stories about of inspired of children’s everyday life and imagination: a table to lay, some little peebles that change into snails, a trombone sun, a pumpkin cloud, some fine thoughts… The words are rolling, sweeping along the melodies played by an harpist on scene: Alice Caradente.
Happiness of a Star is a tribute to all the children, to their look and amazement.