On Friday, March 4th at 14h30

The new Teatro all’improvviso production, 5 Eggs in a Row, will make its debut at Visioni di futuro, visioni di teatro Festival in Bologna on friday, March 4th at 14h30. The show will be on stage in Sala B, at the Teatro Testoni, via Matteotti 16.

Five eggs open and give life to five different animals, that end up sharing their stories.
Two actresses tell and sing the sories of the different characters, accompanied by the original music by Carlo Cialdo Capelli and helped by the puppets and objects created by Dario Moretti.
Children will see on stage five very unlike creatures, born from five eggs of the same colour and size, that will interact and play together in a very interesting dynamic, no matter what their nature, colour or shape are.

The show is directed by Dario Moretti and performed by Serena Crocco and Sara Milani.

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