Teatro all’improvviso is working on a new project, that will debute in 2013 and that will be presented during the event NEXT, a sort of “theatre exchange” of the productions create by companies in Lombardia. The event is realized by Agis Lombarda and Regione Lombardia and it will take place in Milan the 19, 20 and 21 November.

“PEU” is the title of the new project thet Teatro all’improvviso will present on Tuesday 20 of November in the Franco Parenti Theatre at 14h30:it is a gentle and poetical tale about birth and life, told through the music of Saya Namikawa’s vibraphone and Maruska Ronchi’s dance that melt with the words by the writer Mafra Gagliardi and the personal and istinctive style of the director Dario Moretti.

It is the story of a little human being ready to come into the world, capable of exciting children’s emotions.