Yaron Daggi

An african tale

Dramatization, scenery and direction by Dario Moretti
With Maman Ide
Production Teatro all’improvviso 2016

An actor tells a traditional tale from Niger, his country, about the relationship between a child and the wild animals of the Savana, in a funny and poetical way.

The huge differences characterizing the kid and the animal races don’t prevent them to find a peaceful agreement to share the same land and vital space.

The tale is enriched by costumes and musical instruments from Africa, and animated object and figurines, that make the story armonic and pleasant.


Maman Ide was born in Zinder, the second town of Niger.
In 2005 he left his homeland trying to survive to starvation and poverty.
After a long trip and some years in Libya, during the war, he got wounded and tried to go back to his country, by boat. But that boat led him to Lampedusa.
In 2011 Maman gets to Italy and after living in different camps for refugees, in 2014 comes to Mantua, where he was helped and hosted by a generous family.
Maman has written many pages about his journey and his story, showing to have talent, to be sensitive and to be a good narrator.
This is why Teatro all’improvviso decided to invest on him, to create a performance for kids and families, that tells a story with deep and current contents, to help a reflection on troubles and pain that thousands of people have to undergo and face, while escaping from starvation and wars trying to find peace and serenity.