The Seasons of Pallina

The Seasons of Pallina

Creation 2002


Text, scenography and direction by Dario Moretti
With Dario Moretti and Elisa Carnelli


The show tells the simple story of a little ball, Pallina: by altering its colour, it changes in many things and characters.
From fish, Pallina turns into a flower, from flower to pooh, from pooh to an haycock… as far as it dissolves in the air and falls as snow on a broad white sweep.
And now, how can we find Pallina again?
All we have to do is to make a mark, a doodle, a gesture!
You can ski, roll, make snowball … and, why not? You can do a snowman, holding a white sign, where we can write: C I A O – B Y E

The Seasons of Pallina won the ETI-Stregagatto 2004 award as best show for children.
Since 2001, the show has been performed almost 2000 times all around the world.


Technique: actor and visual theatre
Running time: about 45 minutes
Recommended age: 2/8 years