The Nature of the Bear

The Nature of the Bear

Creation 2011

Concept / Text / Scenography / Direction by Dario Moretti
Choreography by Stefania Rossetti
With Dario Moretti and Stefania Rossetti 


This performance presents a sequence of thoughts and images about nature and its power to stupefy and amaze people, through the simplicity.
The shape of leaves, the blooming of flowers, the buzzing of bugs!
The bear would mumble some words, tell a story, or make some movements.  He waters his plants, collects objects, traces some footprints and listens to the sounds around him.
The music catches the bear’s thoughts: they come into life, to a dancer’s movements.
The performance will not tell of the nature; rather, its aim is to suggest a way of looking at it,  enjoying it, and living it.


The Bear thinks and waters his plants.
He draws and he thinks.
He thinks of the different shapes of the leaves, of the acrobatics of birds, of the rainbows of ladybugs, of the hidden mushroom in the woods.
Then he remembers the little girl: Saya!
He cannot remember the colour of her house, but he can still remember the smell of her hair.  How scared that girl was at their encounter!
But the bear was calm and peaceful, and he wasn’t either disturbed by the child’s fear, nor he disturbed her.
He sniffed her for a little, and he returned again to his thoughts of the flow of the river and the dance of a dragonfly.


Technique: Visual theatre and dance
Running time: 45 minutes
Recommended age: 3/10 years

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