The House of Interdictions

The House of Interdictions
Creation 2008


Text, scenography and direction by Dario Moretti
Collaboration of Serge Lesourd 
Original music by Trygve Seim and Frode Haltli
With Dario Moretti, Violaine Daamache and Alessio Calciolari


In a red scene, the “Master of interdictions” defines the space’s limits.
This is the wall, the wall of the house of interdictions: who enters this place must respect the interdictions ordered by the Master.
And so, what can we do? … jump, slide, roll, dance…
Two dancers explore their bodies’ limits, through their weight, their elasticity, their shapes in the space. They face the interdiction, changing a simple gesture in dance or transforming a word in a sound.
Thanks to the interdictions we can be more creative and find new solutions. That’s why the show is so involving for children: they can learn how to approach an obstacle, a problem, a limitation.
The prohibition is a draft, a lightning, a craziness or a song of the “Fairy of Possibilities”, who makes us do things we’ve never thought of.


Technique: theatre and dance
Running time: 45 minutes
Recommended age: 3/8 years

Audience: 120 people

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