The Dot, the Line, the Cat

The Dot, the Line, the Cat
Creation 2010 


By and with Dario Moretti
Collaboration Michela Lucenti
Light design Fabio Sajiz


Starting from a simple dot, it is possible to create a great pictorial work, through play and movement.
The paintbrush dances in the air, looking for a place where to stand on.
The painter moves into the space, tracing out its drawing.
The space around him holds his gesture and the material.
It is a vision of an artist, used to play with painting and stories, with movement and poetry.
Above all, it is the vision of an artist used to play and talk with children.
Dario Moretti interprets this shows as a “big game”: he gives himself to the children, that surround the stage area, as if he were one of them.
And just like one of them, he isn’t able to do anything, but he can do everything, if he wants and needs it, if he is happy to do it.


Technique: narrative in movement and paiting
Running time: about 45 minutes
Recommended age: 3/8 years

Audience: 120 people

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