The Colours of the World

Theatre is an action helping to meet different elements in space.
It is not always necessary to tell a story, sometimes it is enough to recall an idea or to bring about an emotion; sometimes it is enough to play with sounds, movements, with the body, with images and colours …
In this workshop children are guided  by Dario Moretti trough a real theatre action: they can paint a big sheet, imagining to trace the places, the spaces and the boundaries of an atlas. The performance is a real theatre action, in which children, equipped with colours and brushes move around the sheet and leave their signs, mixing them to others and composing an abstraction of lines, colours, traces and shapes.

Spaces like oceans, cities, mountains, woods, deserts; places of imagination can be recalled in this big atlas. Possible worlds created with brushes, colours and pastels that trace lines, signs and spots that are streets, trees, mountains, houses, merry-go-rounds, lakes, animals, men and all it can be seen with surprise overflying a great and fantastic landscape.
A journey into colours and signs, to explore and invent a new world and to give it to anyone who would like to read it, interpret it, look at it and visit it.


Recommended age: 3/8 years-old children
Running time: about 50 minutes
Number of participants: 10 children for each sheet

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