Teatro all’improvviso

Teatro all’improvviso was founded in 1978.
The Company starts its career dealing with popular italian theatre and commedia dell’arte. Then, the curiosity and the need of deepening different forms of art deeply changed Teatro all’improvviso, that now focuses on image, poetry and gesture.
To create art and theatre for children has always been the priority!
Teatro all’improvviso produced shows for children from 3 to 10 years old only, trying to excite their thought and emotions, through the play and the abstraction.
The Company believe in a theatre that deals with any form of art, without any pedagogical or teaching purpose: the aim is to involve and provoke children with unexpected and evocative performances.

Dario Moretti is the Art Director of Teatro all’improvviso.
Italian artist Antonio Catalano described Moretti’s work with this words:
“… a line, a dot and a doodle.
A line that is not only a line, but also a hill, a wave, a gesture in the air.
A dot that is not only a dot, but also a star. A little distant cloud, a little inhabitant of a misterious yellow planet.
A doodle, that is not only a doodle, it is a house, a crying child, a boat on the stormy sea, a thin fleeting emotion, a hat that flies in the wind, some flying hearts, the cows, a winter landscape.
Here is what Dario Moretti is : a line, a dot and a doodle quickly drawn with a black paintbrush on a white sheet”.
(Mantova, Italy, Casa del Mantegna, December 2011 – February 2012)


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