A seven – tip star suddendly falls from the sky and reaches the shore of a river. Falling, the star loses its seven tips, becoming all round, too much similar to the stones. Nevertheless, it keeps that special something that makes itself unique.

As a matter of fact, a fish swimming beside it, notices that it is different and tries to help it, giving it one of its fins; the wind too get excited meeting that peculiar star and blows a leaf to it.
Thus, the mole rips a spine out the hedgehog, the fox gives it a whisker, the owl takes off one of its feathers and magpie is going to steal the needle of a clock and give it to the star. Finally, it is the stick that is tracing a path on the shore that comes to a halt when it meets the star and wonders: “But what’s that?”. It is a star, obviously! A star made of fin, leaf, spine, whisker, feather, needle and stick!

The simplicty and originaly of this story will be told to children through live painting and music: it is a little opera for children, composed by M° Azio Corghi, famous contemporary composer, written by Maddalena Mazzocut-Mis, author for theatre and professor of Aestethics and Aestethics of the Performing Arts at the Università degli Studi di Milano, directed by Dario Moretti an performed by musician Saya Namikawa and actress/singer Diana Rosa Cardenas Alfonso. Inspired from the project of a tactile book for blind children, the show deals with different topics such as diversity and solidarity.

The adventures of this little star is a way of talking to children about how our own characteristics can make us unique, but also about of important is to confront with diversity and how much melting with others can feed ourselves and our lives. Breaking the boundaries of prejudice and misunderstanding, not only geographical but also physical incomprehension, can be the way to save ouservels from solitude and help us finding a newer and truer self.

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