Scherzo with Three Hands

Scherzo with Three Hands

Creation 2012

Conception and direction by Dario Moretti
With Dario Moretti and Saya Namikawa
Music by Béla Bartòk

“Magical Moments of Stories, Told by Colors and Music”
What happens when a painter and a pianist get together…?
Enjoy the humorous and playful time with the Three Hands.

“Scherzo with Three Hands” is inspired by the Bela Bartok’s “For Children” for piano, a collection of easy arrangements of Hungarian and Slovakian folk songs.
In this performance, the live-painting and shadow/objects manipulations are projected on center screen, along with the live playing on piano.
Unlike the standard concerts, with the help of vivid images by an Italian artist, the music allows the audience to extend their imagination.   It is as if like watching a short film; but the presence of the painter and pianist gives the theatrical accent.
This wondrous concert welcomes not only the children, but also those who have forgotten their magical moments.

This performance has been invited to:
Yumetaro Plaza (April, 2012), Kids Plaza Osaka (2012), Italian Cultural Institute – Tokyo (2012), Festivalul de Teatru de Animatie „Stagiunea de vara” (Romania, 2012), Festival Segni d’infanzia (Italy, 2012), International Neapolis Festival (Tunisia, 2012), Festival des Rêveurs éveillés (France, 2013), Izmir International Puppetry Days (Izmir, 2013), Festival Segnali (Italy, 2013).

Technique: music and visual theatre
Running time: 40 minutes
Recommended age: from 2 and a half to 8 years old