One Day

“One Day” leads the audience through a trip backwards in time and space.
The performance begins when the actor/author decides to stop and tell his story.
The protagonists of the narration, more than words, are images, music and sounds that appear and, sparkling, emerge from the mysterious box of memories.
This is how this path begins, involving the audience in the discovery of surprising cities. Creatures, animals, emotions, that live in this fantastic  worlds, describe the narrator’s experiences of life, in a poetical itinerary that reveals itself step by step.
From the city of birds, to the city beneath the trees, fron the night town, populated by the stars, to the suspended city…
Cities and places, emerging from nothing, are full of twists and accompanied by musics and short stories almost whispered by the artist.
The goal of this journey is secret.
From the last city of the map, the town among the hills, expands a wide horizon, whose only certain indication is that the trip always starts again.

Through this journey, kids learn to fly with music, to trust slowliness, to observe the stars, to appreciate the silence, not to give up, not to look for happiness in impossible things, to enjoy life even in the most cahotic situations; they learn to indulge in beauty and to rise against tyranny.


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Suggested age: 3 – 8 years old

Dark room
Minimum scenic space: 6 m (w) x 4 m (l) x 3 m (h)
Lighting: 10 KW – socket 32 A. 380 Volt 3F+N+T

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