By and with Dario Moretti
Music by Marc Ribot – Yeahwon Shin, Aaron Parks, Rob Curto
A Teatro all’improvviso 2014 production, supported by NEXT – Regione Lombardia

Luna is a very special teacher, who devotes herself and her soul entirely to her children.
Her teaching is very non-conformist: no maths or verbs to learn, no geography lessons to know, Luna teaches life, merely by her body and soul. Without a word, she can bewitch her “Little Sweethearts”, who are amazed and enchanted by her only presence.
Her clothes and all the items she takes to school tell the children something new every single time. Her moves are traces to a path made of sensations, emotions and passions.
Luna’s world is light and inquisitive, she lives in a dimension without oppression and violence, but when she confronts cruelty and ignorance, her reaction is potent: she doesn’t get overwhelmed, her matter and the strenght of her emotions increase stunningly, she grows unrestrained until her shadow covers everything.
The break of the balance is only temporary, Luna forgets it quickly and enjoys a new peacefulness with people, nature and her Little Sweethearts.
Luna is a hymn to beauty, pureness, love and joie de vivre.
Through her own body, she creates a perceptible relationship with the world, showing children how to know themselves in a spontaneous way.

Technique: actor et objects
Running time: 45 minutes
Recommended age: 5 -10 years

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