Petite Ballad for PEU

from the text by Mafra Gagliardi
original music written and performed by Saya Namikawa
direction and live painting by Dario Moretti
artistic collaboration Véronique Nah
production Teatro all’improvviso 2014
with the support of NEXT – Regione Lombardia

A ballad, written by Mafra Gagliardi, gives rise to this show, which tells about the journey of a little human being in the womb.
The story is told through images and music only, as if the evolution of this little being were a dance.
A white dot appears and it moves slowly, it changes into something different and becomes bigger, colorful and lively. It’s full of signs and colours, it melts with water and dances at the rythm of the vibraphone.
Peu shows up as a little seed which, while it’s growing, he learns little by little how to move and to know things around it. At the beginning, it is his mother’s body that fascinates him, then Peu get curious about anything that is outside, he hears the sounds, the warmth, the love.
He finally decides to discover what’s outside his “soft and warm sac” and follows the path towards the light, where he is going to find a new world, bigger than his mummy’s womb but still round, welcoming and immersed in the wider universe.
Made for early childhood too, this show is a dance of signs, colours, light and music. It doesn’t claim to teach or explain anything, it simply arouses and imagines what a little being can feel in his mother’s womb.
The images are painted on a big transparent vertical plate, that lets the public see every detail of the live painting, while listening to the amazing and passionate sounds of the vibraphone.

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Recomended age: from 3 years – performances for early years (18 months – 3 years) are availables only for small groups and in suitable venues.
Running time: 35 minutes
Technique: live painting and music
Audience: 150 spectators

Stage area: 6m (width) x 8m (length) x 4m (height)

Technical requirements: 10 KW 380 Volt; 32 A/ 5 holes socket 3F+N+T

Darkened venue. Black box.

Set-up: 3h
Dismounting: 1h30