Exhibitions from 2000

Brescia, Italy, Palazzo Bonoris,  June-July 2000,

Acrobatics of a Sign

Prato, Italy, Museo Pecci, May 2001 

Dance Macabre

Mantova, Italy, Palazzo Ducale, September 2001 

I Tell the Breath

Sevran, France, Centro Culturale, October 2001 

Camera Collodi

Calderara di Reno, Italy, Centro Civico, November 2001

The Saint in the Cowshed

Reims, France, Palais du Tau, March 2002 

Secret Journeys

Pisogne, Italy, Madonna della Neve, March 2002 

Grains of Passion

Milano, Italy, Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi, April-June 2002 

Secret Journeys

Milano, Italy, Scuola Paolo Grassi, May 2002 

The Chambers of Woyzeck

Mantova, Italy, Casa del Mantegna, December 2002

Secret Journeys

Bergamo, Italy, Chiesa di S. Agostino, April 2007 

Secret Journeys

Pavia, Italy, Palazzo Broletto, May 2009 

Twenty Ships for Twenty Years

Mantova, Italy, Palazzo Ducale, November 2009, 

Aeneas’ Twenty Ships

Belfast, Ireland, Old Museum Building, May 2010 

Secret Journeys

Mantova, Italy, Casa del Mantegna, December 2011 – February 2012
With the Clouds in My Hands

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