Musical tale taken from Monteverdi’s Orfeo

with Accademia degli Invaghiti

Text and direction, Dario Moretti
Musical direction, Francesco Moi
Narrator, Giuseppe Semeraro
Lights and sounds, Stefano Moretti
Production Teatro all’improvviso 2017 


Anna Simboli, soprano
Alessio Tosi / Andrés Montilla-Acurero, tenor
GianAndrea Navacchia, baritone
Claudia Combs, violin
GianAndrea Guerra, violin
Valentina Soncini, viola
Gregorio Buti, cello
Maurizio Piantelli, theorbo
Saya Namikawa, percussions
Francesco Moi, cembalo
Dario Moretti, live paint and visual effects 

On the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the birth of Claudio Monteverdi, Teatro all’improvviso realized a show based on the story of Orpheus, trying to make it accessible to the youth, without changing the nature of the opera and the beauty of the music.
A narrator tells the story, alternating to musical parts played by “Accademia degli invaghiti”, a musical ensemble specialized in Monteverdi and Baroque repertoire.
The text tells the tale of Orpheus in a simple way, inspired by both the original libretto by Striggio and to Ovidio’s Metamorphosis.
The plot develops through the fundamental episodes of Orpheus’ tale: the wedding party, the announcement of Euridice’s death, the trip to hell, the return after failing the enterprise.
The end has two known versions: the one when the Baccanti kill Orpheus and the one when Orpheus is welcomed in heaven by the god Apollo.
The scenic plant consists by a wide platform, where all the interpreters are placed and by a video projection screen in the background.
Both the platform and the screen come alive with lights and visual effects that act as a setting for the show. 

The musical staff consists in nine musicians and three singers, that execute Monteverdi’s music in an optimal way.
The singers interpret various characters and, supported by strings, they can perform also some part assigned to the choir.
The musical direction is entrusted to the same harpsichordist, M° Francesco Moi, who has been playing for many years in concerts as a harpsichordist, organist, director of ancient music, pianist and fortepianist.

The scenes and live paint by Dario Moretti complete the setting with colors and shadows that give even more strength to the narrated actions. 

The show tells the tale of Orpheus with a contemporary language, easily understandable by everybody, however keeping the quality and the strictness of the original Monteverdi’s opera.

“d’Orfeo” opened on Septembre 7th, 2017, at Palazzo Ducale in Mantua, during Festivaletteratura, with the support of Comune di Mantova and the Museum Complex of Palazzo Ducale.
Considering that the tale of Orpheus came to life right in the building of Palazzo Ducale, in February 1607, it seemed the best way to celebrate this important anniversary to repeat the show in a version suited to a younger audience, who therefore will be able to approach Monteverdi’s opera and to appreciate his music and work.


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