Dario Moretti

Art Director of Teatro all’improvviso

Born in Mantua in 1955, Dario Moretti starts dealing with theatre in 1974 attending “DAMS” in Bologna and the workshop of the marionette player Giordano Ferrari in Parma.
During the years in which theatre was experiencing an extraordinary artistic evolution, in which research and experimentation tried any level of language and provocation and in which “theatre for childhood” was still an idea in its embryonic state, Dario Moretti starts establishing the basis of his theatre, but above all, he identifies the public to which addressing his works: children.
In 1978 he founds “Teatro all’improvviso”, with which he produces more than 40 shows, represented in important events of the field, as well as in festivals both in Italy and abroad. Dario Moretti is the author of the texts and the scenographies, he is director and protagonist of almost all the shows by “Teatro all’improvviso”.
A strong and natural flair for sculpture allows Dario Moretti to easily approach many different materials such as wood, leather, chalk, paper, iron, resins, etc… In 1986 he starts theatrical experiments inspired to the world of arts and poetry, giving life to shows such as “Il grande gioco” and “Art”, dedicated to Alexander Calder and R.M. Rilke.
At the beginning of nineties Dario Moretti realizes installations and special projects connected to Teatro all’improvviso theatre productions, creating a rich collection of sculptures and paintings that, on their turn, bring to the realization of a theatre journey called “Segreti Viaggi”.
In 2000 Dario Moretti starts to look for new contaminations between painting and theatre, realizing shows in which dance, narration, words and music are put in relation with gestures and painting signs.
Among the big quantity of produced shows, it is fundamental to mention “Le stagioni di Pallina” that obtained ETI 2004 prize and has been performed more than 2000 times in many different countries all over the world.
The work on painting also produced the performance called “I colori del mondo”, already presented in many European countries, in which, thanks to a precise theatrical direction, Dario Moretti leads a workshop, in which big and coloured blankets are realized: a real show in which the interpreters are children, as well as gestures, paint brushes and colour!
Dario Moretti realized the texts, the scenes and the direction for other theatre companies both in Italy and abroad; in addition, he draw and projected a relevant quantity of posters for theatre seasons, shows and festivals.
In 2006, he created the international festival of art and theatre for children Segni d’infanzia, which is still living and it is organised by the homonymous association.
In 2011, Dario Moretti founded the publishing house Kuma Edizioni, that focuses on art publications and books for children.

His productions since the year 2000

Gigi Troll, 2000 – co-production with SMOT (Sweden)
Il Mago di terra, 2001
The Seasons of Pallina, 2002
Ariel’s Island, 2003
History of Three, 2004 – co-production with SMOT (Sweden)
Gigi – 2005
The Fairy Flab, 2005
The Two Queens – 2006
Happiness of a Star, 2007
The House of Interdictions, 2008
I Am Not a Witch!, 2008
The Emperor’s New Clothes, 2009 – co-production with con Traffo (Luxembourg) and Sonus and BrassEnsemble (Austria)
To the Spring’s North, 2009 – co-production with SMOT and teatro I (Sweden)
Juno Blues, 2009
The Dot, the Line, the Cat, 2010
The Nature of the Bear, 2011
Blue Forest, 2012
Scherzo with Three Hands, 2012

Exhibitions since the year 2000

Brescia (I), Palazzo Bonoris, June-July 2000, “Acrobazie di un segno”
Prato (I), Museo Pecci, May 2001 “Danza macabra”
Mantova (I), Palazzo Ducale, September 2001 “Dico il soffio”
Sevran (F), Centro Culturale, October 2001 “Camera Collodi”
Calderara di Reno (I), Centro Civico, November 2001, “Il santo nella stalla”
Reims (F), Palais du Tau, March 2002 “Segreti viaggi”
Pisogne (I), Madonna della Neve, March 2002 “Grani di passione”
Milano (I), Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi, April June 2002 “Segreti viaggi”
Milano (I), Scuola Paolo Grassi, May 2002 “Le stanze di Woyzeck”
Mantova (I), Casa del Mantegna, December 2002 “Segreti viaggi”
Bergamo (I), Chiesa di S. Agostino, April 2007 “Segreti viaggi”
Pavia (I), Palazzo Broletto, May 2009 “Venti navi per venti anni”
Mantova (I), Palazzo Ducale, November 2009, “Le venti navi di Enea”
Belfast (IRL), Old Museum Building, May 2010 “Segreti viaggi”
Mantova (I), Casa del Mantegna, December 2011 – February 2012 “Con le nuvole in mano”
Osaka (J), Osaka Shiritsu Chuo Toshokan, May 2012 “Da qui alle stelle”
Tokyo (J), Istituto Italiano di Cultura, May 2012 “Da qui alle stelle”
Mantova (I), Archivio Storico, October 2012, “Book in the box”

Bibliography since the year 2000

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Scherzo, Dario Moretti, Kuma Edizioni
Foresta blu, Dario Moretti and Jeffrey Tan, Kuma Edizioni

Dario Moretti is Art Director and Sole Administrator of Teatro all’improvviso (the partner’s Assembly charged him with this role on the meeting of June the 28th 2016).
He holds these jobs upon no payment.