Blue Forest

Blue Forest

Creation 2012


Concept, scenography and direction by Dario Moretti

Original music by  Elico Nishimoto (the lico)

With Saya Namikawa (shakuachi and percussions) and Paola Herbertson (cello)


On stage, there are ten sound trees, raw tools creating worlds of sounds. Every tree tells a story through his own music. Deep down, the audience can look for the emotions and the images aroused by the music.
This travel happens through the music of a recorder (the “shakuachi”, a japanese bamboo instrument), of a cello and of two pianos composed by the japanese musician the lico (Elico Nishimoto).
The show wants to excite the listening in complete pureness, far from the crash and stimulus we are daily subjected.
This is the reason why the setting takes place in a night forest where lights and sounds of every tree draw the attention of the audience.
It deals with a totally absorbing listening and looking: through the structures of the trees, that are out-and-out luminous installations, you can find images that tell emotions.
This travel teaches children to hear the silence and to pay attention to the world around them, while the adults receive a prodding to delve in their memories and come to light forgotten emotions.
The blue colour of the forest assumes completely the meaning of ideograms characterizing the japanese word. It’s a blue shading off into green and vice versa, like every colour gradation of the parks and of the sky around the places we live in and from where we forget so many times to go out.


Technique: music theatre
Running time: 40 minutes
Recommende age: 3/10 years

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