5 Eggs in a Row

Text, scenery and direction Dario Moretti
Original music Carlo Cialdo Capelli
With Serena Crocco and Sara Milani
Light and sound Stefano Moretti

Five eggs open and give life to five different animals, that end up sharing their stories:

A fish sings in the arena of the sea,
that a crocodile drinks to forget
his beloved turtle, who dances in a grand theatre,
as the eyes of the tawny owl, scared by a snake enraptured
by the singing of the fish in the arena of the sea…

Two actresses tell and sing the sories of the different characters, accompanied by the original music by Carlo Cialdo Capelli and helped by the puppets and objects created by Dario Moretti.
Children will see on stage five very unlike creatures, born from five eggs of the same colour and size, that will interact and play together in a very interesting dynamic, no matter what their nature, colour or shape are.

Based on a book written and illustrated by Dario Moretti in 1994, the show was first produced and performed in Japan with a japanese company at the “Kochi City Foundation for Cultural Activity” in October 2015.

This is a performance for children from 3 to 8 years old, it can be performed in many different venues, as long as they are totally darkened.

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Recomended age: 3-8 years old
Duration: 45 minutes
Allowance: 200 spectators (adults and children)

Stage area:
8mt. (length) x 6mt. (width) x 3,20mt. (height).

Technical requirements:
32 A/ 5 holes socket 3F+N+T - 380 Volt – 8 KW.
Darkened venue.
Black box.

Set-up: 2h
Dismounting: 1h30